Monday, April 13, 2009

Soufflé a(i)n(d) Ve(a)in(s)

When your body is all out of blood, what do you bleed when the vampires come around?
When your blood is too toxic for your body, what can the vampires feast on?
When your body's blood contains Vampire DNA, who is your own worst enemy?
It can't be you.
Who bit you?

And they say originality is unheard of...


Sunday, March 29, 2009

The Stork's Abortion

On her way down from Cloud 9
A stork scooped her.
Such a beautiful baby girl.
Green eyes, pink hair, pudgy yellow cheeks
The undeveloped photo of innocent perfection

Lightning hit the storks wings
Out of shock, the stork yelled.

And dropped the baby.

Little does the stork know
The energy summoned by the baby's eyes...

Summoned the lightning.

Stop persecuting the youth because you can't hold what they bring...


Dead Screen Names

You appear as a buddy
But you are never online
Are you invisible?
Or did you block me?
Who cares anymore?
I simply logged in to find a friend.
And you

Strangers never let friends talk to friends. Friends are strangers to the strange.

Who can define what's strange anymore?


Thursday, December 11, 2008

Emo Sacrifice

I am emo.
Living through emotions cut short.
I sacrificed happiness for you to enjoy me.

Emo rock.

But I will sacrifice you.

For my happiness.

If you are unhappy.


Anger is merely a vision of the weak.
You get angry, you get strong.
When the sudden burst of anger subsides,
You are weak.

Anger is merely a vision of the weak.

You can't be angry for seven days without sleeping.



Friday, December 5, 2008

Where'd You Go?

I looked out the back of my station wagon
As she waved at me
Bidding me farewell
I think she knows I'm coming back
I know she doesn't know when.

My departure has nothing to do with how much I love her.
I need to figure out where I'm going.

If I was the driver, I'd know.

Fate got his license before me.


I think that's because Fate has a mind of his own.

Or is Fate really a woman? A butch dyke to be exact.

No love for her own kind makes her be the gender she can't stand the most...

He/She/Fate hits the breaks.

Hops out.

Opens the back door to which I'm leaning on.

I fall out.

Fate looks down at me and says...

"You think you can drive like me?"

Tosses the keys at my chest.

"Go ahead then! Drive! I'll be the passenger."

His/Her/Fate's abrasiveness is simply His/Her/Fate's inability to show true emotion.

As it so turns out, Fate was my passenger all along.

What a bitch...



Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Clean Up On Isle 6

Big mess
In stress
This lets
Kids get
This mess?

Aren't we all related?

Why hurt the future?

How hurt the future?

When the future feels neglected.




Housing developments for the destined to be arrested

Let's get


Jermaine Jackson

Remain with your passion

Your name is your reaction

You're parents don't own you

They spawned you

You made yourself

So make yourself

Stop cry/dy/ly/trying

Just be
And do

Smoke do be
Get high from inspiration
And then come down from your high horse

And clean up the mess on isle 6

The canfood section

You can digest food for thought.
Or just waste it.
And make a mess...

Friday, September 5, 2008

When Sly Calls

As I walk through the city
Michael Franks' "Best Of" album in my cPod
I can't help but feel the pedestrians
Are watching me
Telepathically disrupting my public meditation
I wish for peace
But I hear them all
The secrets, the pain, the envy
They secretly pain to gain what they envy about me
I don't want to give them power
I simply want them to understand mine
Because no one is more powerful than me
Except that damn phone
They bother me on

"When Sly calls, the prophet speaks"

"Don't touch that phone..." God whispers to the passersby
They disobey
Or am I disobeying them?

How hard is it to get a cab downtown?
Am I that dark?
Or am I that dark?
Do they fear the black I am?
Or the does the black in them fear the light I bring?

I can't help but ponder such ludicrous things.

"Hello, Michael? It's Sly..."

Too bad I'm just...