Thursday, December 11, 2008

Emo Sacrifice

I am emo.
Living through emotions cut short.
I sacrificed happiness for you to enjoy me.

Emo rock.

But I will sacrifice you.

For my happiness.

If you are unhappy.


Anger is merely a vision of the weak.
You get angry, you get strong.
When the sudden burst of anger subsides,
You are weak.

Anger is merely a vision of the weak.

You can't be angry for seven days without sleeping.



Friday, December 5, 2008

Where'd You Go?

I looked out the back of my station wagon
As she waved at me
Bidding me farewell
I think she knows I'm coming back
I know she doesn't know when.

My departure has nothing to do with how much I love her.
I need to figure out where I'm going.

If I was the driver, I'd know.

Fate got his license before me.


I think that's because Fate has a mind of his own.

Or is Fate really a woman? A butch dyke to be exact.

No love for her own kind makes her be the gender she can't stand the most...

He/She/Fate hits the breaks.

Hops out.

Opens the back door to which I'm leaning on.

I fall out.

Fate looks down at me and says...

"You think you can drive like me?"

Tosses the keys at my chest.

"Go ahead then! Drive! I'll be the passenger."

His/Her/Fate's abrasiveness is simply His/Her/Fate's inability to show true emotion.

As it so turns out, Fate was my passenger all along.

What a bitch...