Sunday, March 29, 2009

The Stork's Abortion

On her way down from Cloud 9
A stork scooped her.
Such a beautiful baby girl.
Green eyes, pink hair, pudgy yellow cheeks
The undeveloped photo of innocent perfection

Lightning hit the storks wings
Out of shock, the stork yelled.

And dropped the baby.

Little does the stork know
The energy summoned by the baby's eyes...

Summoned the lightning.

Stop persecuting the youth because you can't hold what they bring...


Dead Screen Names

You appear as a buddy
But you are never online
Are you invisible?
Or did you block me?
Who cares anymore?
I simply logged in to find a friend.
And you

Strangers never let friends talk to friends. Friends are strangers to the strange.

Who can define what's strange anymore?