Tuesday, June 24, 2008


She is the stone of my being.
All things surreal are so real when she smiles.
She doesn't even realize her power.
That's why she's so powerful.
She's not afraid of doing the things that would get her ridiculed by her female peers.
Because they are not in her position.
She holds the fate of the world in her hands.
Because she holds my hand.
I can live without her.
But can you live with me living without her?

Most don't understand our love.
They think it is puppy.
Well, puppies are more pure than humans.
So allow us to be puppies.
She's the bark to the trees cut to write the songs you enjoy.
She's my return from oblivion.


"The meaning of the name Simone is To Be Heard"



1 comment:

Amy said...

i love you.
for always...