Tuesday, July 1, 2008

The Removal of Pictures

So go ahead then.
Be bad.
Be like the others.
May humanity cast the spell of everything evil unto your soul.
I'm wrong.
But you're the crucifix of which I died on.
That's why I was put up there in the first place.
As you pray to Him, see me.
And if you're f*cking mood swings like the pendelum
May the cable break.

I just want you happy.

You can't be happy.

You like worry.

So die.
And afraid.

When you return from heaven, it will be all smiles.
Because you will have died the death of a thousand others who wish they were you.

I only wrote this because I've never loved like this before.
If anything, I want to scare you into being perfect.

There is no one after you.
If there is an after you.
Just lonliness.
Potentially suicide.

Depends on when they put my album out.


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