Sunday, August 24, 2008

Bleeding wrists, seething fists.

sometimes i do things to hurt myself
only to appreciate my life more
and to love the fact that hate thrives on appreciation
i get scared
so i lash out
and doubt
and get stronger
i need you
to believe in me
help me
believe in myself
help me fight
help me live
the darkness in which i was born in does not consume me
so don't let it confuse you
i don't let it consume me
but let it consume you
and you too
and see
i am not the one
you should be
i'm the one you should believe
the sun is under me

Hyper Sonic

in the shadows



AlphaOmega said...

How did no one catch this?
This I feel is the most poignant "poem" you have here. It's truthful yet still guarded. I like very much so and can relate quite deeply. Continue to look within for answers. Even if we never have another person to aim questions at, eventually with enough thought, the answer we find within ourselves, are the only ones that matter.
Oh, and don't cut yourself!(not saying you do, but just in case)


BlueBelle said...

I'm with A. How did ppl pass this by??

The first line caught me...
"Sometimes I do things to hurt myself
So I can appreciate life more..." (in case I quoted wrong forgive me) lol

Funny thing is I think we all do. Maybe not physically but in all kinds of ways. I feel you...

*goes to contemplate life*

C-Money-So(ul) Amazing-(Blu) said...

Dis go hard Charles real as can be on this one.
u need to start postin more.