Friday, August 29, 2008


Down go the friends in the pit of forever.
Up goes the frowns of the unhappy.
Down go the egos of the rich.
Up go the pockets of the poor.

Robin Hood.
How long can the poor stay rich before they become the rich?

Should they be punished?

Is wealth a disease?

Down are the riders.
Up are the liars.

In Heaven.

Because God watches them.



To the man who looks up.

From the down.



Rich2021 said...

check mine out

In actuality nobody cares

we all jus looking 4 that feeling.

and when we get it

we jus ask that u keep giving.

makes us feel alive

till we non living,

dead, its jus another synonym

I am jus another 1 of your synonyms.

Like another si-bl-ing.

Trying to fly high only difference is

the nest that we settle in.

That is why I am never settling.

When we try 2 help

some will call it meddling

but we do it so good

like its a sport that we should medal in

Khalhah said...

Read all your poetry and its tight man...maybe we can collab one day. i spoke to kesed a few times and brought you up and told him of what i thought of your art